Our Rooms

Accommodation in Newquay



Whether it’s a cosy room for two or one large enough to sleep the whole group, we have plenty of options for you to enjoy your stay in our private rooms. We offer 4, 5, 6, 14 and 18 bed rooms so you and your friends can be comfortable together.

The Rooms

The rooms are private with basic facilities and bunk style beds.

Most of the rooms are ensuite or have a shower/toilet, we also have communal showers and toilets on both floors.

Safe & Secure

All rooms are fitted with the Generation E-760, an American lock fitted to all bedroom doors. The lock is paired with magnetic strip key cards and everybody gets there own key card. It also has full audit accountability to provide us with information on who has entered your room and when.

We  also have cctv in the corridors.

Floor Plans

The escape has 3 floors.

Please select a floor to view the layout in more detail: